Which is Me?

“In the presence of mirrors, I come face to face with you, which is me?”


Welcome to the latest in my line of blogs! Some of you have been reading my run-on sentences and forced metaphors for 15 years. From the earliest days of Xanga to the glory days of ClassAndTrashShow, I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts with the world.

So why this blog? Why now?

Last year, I took quite a few steps towards becoming the man that I want to be. I’ve changed my career path and moved in with the man I love. However, I’ve ignored my need for creative expression. I’ve dabbled in a few different arenas, but none have felt as natural and writing.

So after staring in the mirror (c’mon title reference!), I decided that it was time to fully launch without hesitation. I’m inspired by my friends chasing their dreams and expressing themselves. I want to share the fullness of how I process the world.

So what is this blog about? At its core, it is about using media to analyze myself and the world in which we live. (A thesis statement!) It is also about conversations. Isolated introspection is nice and all, but I’m trying to talk about this stuff!

Why is the blog called Presence of Mirrors?

On the last blog (I’ve had so many of these.), I did a post paying tribute to P.M. Dawn after finding out about the death of Prince Be.

Imagine being a weird kid struggling with weight and abandonment issues while hiding his sexuality. I didn’t feel comfortable presenting my true self or personality to people. Now give him a chance to listen to In The Presence of Mirrors or Paper Doll. I had been introduced to a fat Black man dressed in the carefree Black boy costume 25 years before it was a trend. Prince Be was singing/rapping about love, its superficiality, the pain it causes and the ugly it brings out of himself and others. He talked about existing outside of his self, but never lost sight on his own humanity. His Blackness and the influences that shaped his perspective. His album helped do the same for me.

It only felt appropriate to name this tool of self-discovery and media after a song that I feel captures my goal and my journey.

So let’s do this (again)!